About Sports History Weekly

'Sports History Weekly' provides timeless articles, interviews, and reviews that are stored in our archives. 

Our mission is three-fold:

1) Engage readers with sports history articles that are insightful, enlightening and enriching. 

2) Promote our digital publication, Sports History Magazine, which has a global readership audience. 

3) Provide a rich medium for advertisers to promote their products and services in our magazine. 

We purposely avoid the flashy graphics, or streaming videos found in most internet sites so we can concentrate on the substance of  yester-year's sports stories.  Each article is well researched and written in rich, concise language that packs stimulating  and engaging highlights.

Our unique site also offers readers a weekly sports puzzle.  They can be downloaded and shared with family, friends and school sports teams.  So, go ahead and pick a story or a sports puzzle, and enjoy!

We urge readers to subscribe to our quarterly digital publication "Sports History Magazine", which is packed with rich photos and images that accompany our stories.


Gill Schor, Publisher


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